Reduce Your Customer Support Queue by Creating Helpful Content

You've probably heard that creating content and sharing it online can help new customers warm to your brand.

You may have even heard that you'll appear like the expert in your field when you create helpful content.

But I know what you're thinking...

How can creating helpful content have any effect on my customer support queue?

Here's the thing:

Both new and existing customers don't want to wait around for three days for an email reply, or on hold in a phone queue. It's frustrating and wastes time.

Which makes sense that they would much rather try and help themselves first before reaching out to you.

Where should you create content?

It's all very well creating helpful content for your customers to gobble up, but if they're never going to find it, then what would be the point?

There are a few places you can post your valuable content where it'll get found. It's a good idea to experiment with posting different kinds of content on different platforms to reach more customers.

Your blog

Not only will content on your blog improve your SEO, but it's a great way to drive potential customers to your website and show off your knowledge.

Not only that...

Posting useful content on your blog also means it's easy to come back to and for people to share with others. And that means more eyes on your brand (yes please).

Social media

As well as sharing your blog posts to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, you should create content specifically for these platforms, too.

Think graphics including quotes from your blog posts, long-form Facebook statuses including links to offers, and Twitter threads.

It doesn't have to be difficult:

I'm sure you've heard of Canva, right? This is the perfect free tool for creating shareable content on social media.

And the best part?

It's so easy to drum up new ideas for content. Just take snippets from your other, longer-form content and transform it into bite-sized chunks.

In your Facebook group

Members of your group will be more likely to engage in the content you post here than those who simply like your brand's page.

Invest some time into addressing common questions and areas of confusion by starting a conversation.

Your knowledgebase or FAQs

This one's super important:

If you don't already have a knowledge base, then you should at least have an FAQ section on your social media profiles and website, to help guide customers into making a decision.

This should at the very least include basic information like:

  • How does the service work?

  • What are the different pricing options?

  • How can I upgrade?

  • Will it work on my device?

  • How can I cancel?


Because being vague about what you're offering is a sure-fire way to make customers avoid your product like the plague, let alone bothering to contact you to get clarification.

How can creating content reduce your support queue?

Now that you're aware of the kinds of content you can create, I know what you're wondering:

How does this affect the number of queries you receive through your support channels?

It's simple really:

The more information about your products the potential customer is armed with, the less chance they will need to seek clarification from an actual person.

When customers are helping themselves by reading your thoroughly, helpful content, you get fewer queries that your customer support team has to deal with.

Pretty amazing for your business, right?

It gets even better...

Freeing up your support queue also means that:

  • You respond more quickly to the queries you do receive

  • Your customer satisfaction skyrockets

  • Your support team have more time to investigate customer feedback, to further improve your customers' expectations

How can you create helpful content?

So you've stuck around to find out where you should be posting, and the incredible effect it has on your customer support queue.

So the question now is, "How do I make this happen?"

Fortunately for you, it's super simple to create helpful content that impacts your customers in a positive way (for everyone).

Listen to your customers

There will be common questions that your customers always seem to ask.

Firstly, it's probably a good idea to ask yourself why this comes up time and time again. It's probably because they can't find the answer anywhere!

Use these repeat questions as an opportunity to create meaningful, educational content for your customers.

Create different kinds of content

Think content just means blog or Facebook posts?

Think again.

Customers enjoy soaking up information in different ways, so think about how you can create new and and recycle existing content in new ways.

Perhaps make a video series answering common questions?

Or host a regular Q&A live session?

Interactive content can also be a great opportunity for receiving useful feedback, which is often one of the best ways to understand the pain points of your customers, leading to even more new content, product improvements, and even new services for your brand to offer.

Want this for your business?

I don’t blame you! It’s essentially the gift of time and happy customers, which sounds almost too good to be true.

But, with some hard work and creativity it’s within your reach!

Have you tried these tips yourself? Tell me in the comments!