Meet Francesca Harrall

Hi, I'm Francesca, an introverted cat lady from a little town in England you’ve probably never heard of. I write copy for video game companies and stand next to unnecessarily large keyboards in my spare time (okay, I did that once at Gamescom).

When we start questing together, you can call on me for help with copywriting for your video game. I've been teaming up with clients all over the world for nearly ten years, so I have a knack for telling your story and showing your future fans how much they need your game in their life.

Need in-game text and interactive tutorials? Cool.

Website copy and regular blog posts about your developers, news, and game updates? Let's do it.

What about press releases, a studio bio for events, or storefront game descriptions?

You know what to do.

When you work with me, you get:

  • A passionate person who has worked hands-on with online businesses for nearly a decade

  • A proofreader, editor, researcher, and writer all rolled into one

  • A savvy business owner who gets a kick out of meeting expectations and isn't afraid to ask questions

about francesca

When I'm not working on levelling up your business, I'm usually reading fantasy or crime thriller fiction, crocheting, jamming to synthwave, heavy metal, or post-hardcore music, video gaming (at home or away at an event somewhere), or hanging out with my pup, kitty, or husband (not necessarily in that order, I swear).